Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) is one of the nation’s leading pediatric hospitals. True to their mission, the hospital has been creating hope and building healthier futures since 1901. 

With nearly 900 physicians working around the clock to give every child the care they need, CHLA’s doctors and nurses are delivering a level of care that’s consistently recognized as some of the best in the world.

CHLA believes that every child deserves the best care possible. At Son of a Barista we believe that their caretakers do too! That’s why Son of a Baritsa has donated coffee machines to the doctors and nurses’ break rooms to thank them for their life saving work!

With your help, we’d like to keep the staff caffeinated throughout their shifts. We have therefore made it possible for you to round up your total amount every time you make a purchase on our website. All round up goes directly to provide coffee for the doctors and nurses at CHLA. 

Support CHLA’s medical staff in providing hope for a healthy future in every child and its family’s life. 

Check out Children’s Hospital Los Angeles website here to learn more about their work and mission.

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  1. Raised by a New York born Italian mama I grew up around family that focused v on quality food and coffee bringing each other together ❤️. I miss time around the table with my grandparents, uncles and cousin’s. I wanted to carry on the tradition and drinking Son of a Barista Coffee ☕️ is a quality and legit as it gets. I was afraid the pod coffee experience couldn’t compete with my moka pot but it’s even better. I appreciate the organic bean and that I can compost the pod. I’m officially hooked. Brava Luca & Team.

    1. Theresa, your kind words made my Sunday even better. The motivation that such a comment give is priceless. Thank you. Indeed, a lot of people are under the false impression that pod system means low quality. Quite the opposite. If the pod contain high quality coffee, properly roast and ground, than it is superior by definition. First of all it’s self contained and coffee is never in contact with oxygen. While when you buy whole beans or ground coffee bags, in the moment you open the bag the count down start and the oxidization process start, deteriorating the flavor and properties of the coffee very fast. Second you eliminate the human error. Each bean, roast, ground combination is different and only specific combinations produce a good coffee in the cup. PS: Try the Magnus blend if you have a chance… It’s mind blowing.

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