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Some helpful answers to our most common questions

No. Our Starter Kit is a one-off purchase. No strings attached. When you realize that you love our coffee, you can come back and buy more or subscribe and enjoy an additional discount.

You can ask for a full refund within 14 days from purchaise date via email at [email protected]

We will send you a shipping label for you to send us the machine back.

Due to the significant discount given to subscriptions we allow cancellation after 3 recurring orders. We hope you’ll stay, but we never make it hard to leave. 

The temperature of the machine is set to have a water temperature at 93°C when the water hit the coffee in the pod. That is the right temperature to ensure the right extraction of the coffee and caffeine from the beans.

The temperature in the cup is influenced by a variety of factors, for example, environmental, the temperature of the cup itself (that’s why professional barista keep the cups hot) or the distance of the cup from the brewing nozzle. If you want a hotter coffee in your cup, try to run the machine without a pod for few seconds so the hot water warmup the cup. Then, pop your pod and sip the coffee.

Checkout our useful HOW TO videos here.

No sweat. It can happen. The pod container is designed to fit up to 10-12 used pods maximum. But sometimes you might forget to empty and it can get jammed.

If that is your case, firmly hold the machine in place and with your other hand pull the container forward away from the machine. Gently but firmly. Swing it left and right until it pops out.

If you forget to empty the pod container and it gets too full, one or more pods can remain pilled up inside of the machine. If that is your case, after emptying the pod container, unplug the machine, and with a non sharp tool GENTLY push the pod that got jammed in the machine forward and down.

Our machine works only with our pods and vice-versa. We carefully engineered our pod and our machine to constantly deliver the best cup of coffee.

The Son of a Barista machine is designed to give you a proper espresso shot as if you were receiving it in a café in Italy. To increase the brewed cup size please follow this steps:

1) Put a pod in the pod slot

2) Push any of the 2 buttons to turn the machine on

3) Push the second button and hold it until you reach your desired amount.

Once the above steps are completed, the machine will memorize the setting for the button used.

The small circle will allow for brewing up to 25 seconds and the larger circle will let you brew up to 55 seconds.

Yes. With a few click you can change the personalization of your box and add or remove any item at anytime.

Login on your account to manage your subscriptions. You will be able to:

– Modify the products in your subscription (add a product, remove a product, switch a product)

– Pause your subscription

– Cancel your subscription

– Skip an order

– Change delivery dates

– Change of address

– Change of payment method.

If you do not have an account yet, please sign-in with the same email address used to place your order.

It is only necessary to descale the machine after about 500 uses, or about every 6 months. You may purchase any espresso machine cleaner available online such as on amazon.

In November 2021 we changed our subscriptions platform. If you missed our email about migrating your subscription to our new website, you my contact us at any time to make any changes.



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